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Saturday, October 20, 2007


Ever since liberals have started to refer to themselves as "progressives", I have refused to accept their new label. I felt that it was a new deceitful way of hiding who they truly are, after all "liberal" has become synonymous with their warped ideology. While I still believe that they are attempting to hide behind a new innocuous name for themselves, I believe that they have chosen a new title that correctly reveals their nefarious intentions. The Lord does work in mysterious ways.
we do have eyes that see and ears that hear.

Wednesday, while driving to work, I had an epiphany.(for you folks in rio lindo, look it up. hahaha little rushie there.) Well anyway, the epiphany was that they have truly chosen an apt title that reveals their hidden agenda and the way they plan to institute it. Let's look back at some of their shenanigans.

Homosexuals only want to be tolerated. Doesn't sound bad does it? But then we PROGRESSIVELY are made to accept more and more of their wicked and perverted lifestyle in incremental steps. No longer is mere tolerance acceptable, they then want public acceptance, no condemnation of them, to being able to have parades that expose our children to their perversion. Now they are demanding not just tolerance, but public acceptance, demanding the same institution of marriage that has always been understood to be of a man and a woman only. To the point that they are now using our schools to indoctrinate our school children in their perversion, even in the first and second grades. See how their progressive title fits?

Take the latest Schip program. Oh it's for the children, those poor little children. Now their latest progressive step has been to try and extend that coverage to "children" that are up to 25 years old, and to families making as much as $83,000 a year. Doesn't sound like it's just for those poh children anymore. This is the step to step system of socialized medicine. Thanks, but NO THANKS. I prefer to have a dentist extract my teeth, not pull them myself like some in the English social medicine network have been doing.

How about their stand on the Iraq War. Remember before it started? The democrats demanded a vote in both houses of congress to prove that they were patriots and to get in the record that they supported this country and it's military. They have progressively gone from support to outright condemnation and lies. From trying to establish points of progress in Iraq tied to funding, to slowing the funds themselves, to demanding withdrawal dates, to sabotaging the war effort by their slander of our troops by accusing them of being torturers and killers of innocent Iraqis and worse. To their latest backdoor strategy of actively condemning Turkey for the Armenian genocide that occurred almost 100 years ago, and had nothing to do with the Turkish leadership now, but was perpetrated by the Ottoman Empire. Had this succeeded, and aggravated Turkey, an ALLY, it would have severely crippled our war effort. More than half of the supplies for our military in Iraq, flows through Turkey.

I could name many other incidents like those above that the "progressives" (pthooey) have and are using now, but I believe the picture is clear. These liberal, progressives have shown their true colors. They are progressively deceitful, progressively cowards, progressively traitorous, progressively treasonous, progressively socialist commies, progressively anti-military, progressively anti-family, progressively anti-U.S., and progressively making me want to hurl my stomach contents!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Rest of the Story

Hi All, Thanks to everyone for stopping by.

Been real busy tonight at work with very little free time.

"nanc, like if we're in a serious discussion of politics, i probably shouldn't throw in a broccoli cheese soup recipe?"

"The Merry Widow said...
How about my Creamy Broccoli-Cheddar Soup?"

NO THANK YOU PLEASE. However,......................... if you happen to have a Tex-Mex recipe for corn meal dumplings, PLEASE FEEL FREE TO POST IT NO MATTER WHAT THE DISCUSSION IS!!!!!!!!!

Besides, allowances are made for friends.

You see, I haven't had any since my mom passed away 2 years ago this past June 20. She was disabled and living with me, and any time we had ham, within the week she would make the dumplings from the ham drippings with corn meal, chili mix, and ham bits.

It has been a trying time for me. I work nights, and basically keep my same schedule of sleep periods.

I would always tell her when I left for work, that if I didn't see her in the morning, I would see her at the Eastern Gate. (We do the song, "Eastern Gate" in our quartet and I still break down) Always expecting that it would be me waiting on her there. (Always seem to think our mothers are immortal, almost)

Well, that Sunday the 19th, I was staying awake all night so I could sleep Monday morning and be ready for the night shift. I last talked to her about 2 a.m. when some kittens she had brought in from outside had knocked over some stuff outside her bedroom.

I staightened things up for her and she seemed to be doing fine, recovering from a kidney infection that she had from the previous week. She was even laughing at those six toed kittens that kept hampering my efforts. Of course, I was sort of putting on a show for her with those rascals. Said goodnight and told her I would see her in the morning. Little did I know.

Well, I had a habit of waiting for her to get up before going to bed and checking to see if she needed anything. I am waiting up for her and it gets past 8 a.m., and she is not up. I go to check on her, and find her by her bed on the floor. Looks as if she was coming back from the bathroom. Coroner said it was a massive heart attack and she had passed away before she even hit the floor.

The only funny (not haha funny) thing about the situation was this. She seemed to get in the last word to this crazy world. Her right arm had caught on her clothes hamper and was elevated to her side. Only one finger was extended outwards, the middle one. It was as if she was saying, screw you world, I'm going to a far better place than this.

Soooooo, if you happen to have that recipe for corn meal dumplings, I would be indebted. Never did get it from Mom. (we think they'll live forever, don't we?)

Oh by the way, has anybody heard from jbargholz from moonbatcentral? Haven't seen or heard of since we gang tackled that moonbat the last time there (lol)

So basically all I have had time for lately is a little quick reading of some of your blogspots, and managing to do a quick drive by posting, or bashing of a progessive. Hope that changes now, new responsibilities on the job have been able to be transfered to others.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Getting Started

Just wanted to let everyone know that I have started my own blog. On this site, we will discuss a sundry of topics. They will range in variety from religion to the quickest method of driving a liberal sane.(They are already crazy you know-HAHAHA). Hope my many friends will join me here in a rousing game of "Confuse the Libtard" (LOL) and "Convert the Heathen". For all my friends, and even some that consider me the enemy (libs), I offer the invitation to a spirited debate. Inform your friends and enemies.

Comments should be about the post, however I do understand that they will meander from time to time. As long as they are somewhat pertinent, then that's okay by me. Just don't want to go from discussing religion to the finer points of needlepoint (lol). Comments should be respectful of each other, and not outright ad hominem attacks.(that's my province hehehehehe) I reserve the right to moderate all comments and delete those that I think violate the spirit of a good debate. Yol bolsun.

Okay. Sound off!!!!