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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Lawmakers Blast Administration For Calling Fort Hood Massacre 'Workplace Violence'

Even a RINO seems to get it for once.  This was no work place accident, it was an incident of cold calculated murder by a follower of the dog worshiping pedophile so-called pig of a prophet Mohamhed.  Anyone that cannot see that Islam is not a religion of peace is a fool.  It is instead a religion of pieces, i.e., if you don't worship their moon god allah, they will either blow you up or chop you into little pieces.  
There are no moderates in Islam, period.  If they follow what their pedophile prophet says, they will kill you, or enslave you if you don't convert.  These are what the LSM refer to as fundamentalists, but are exactly what it means to be muslim.  The so-called moderates, are actually considered to be apostates and worthy of death according to the real followers.
It is pretty pathetic actually.  If their so-called god is so great and powerful, why does he need his puny followers to protect him or his dog of a prophet from being criticized. 

We need to call this incident exactly what it is.  It is nothing other than cold blooded murder, an act of terrorism, period.  If these supposedly peace loving worshipers cannot handle this simple truth, then screw them as they are nothing but a bunch of murder loving swine.
They need to hold Hasans trial now.  As John Wayne said, "I promise you a fair trial and a nice hanging."  Send this piece of trash to his reward of what he thinks are 72 virgins.  When he awakens in Hell and discovers his 72 virgins are demons with 6 foot penises that are going to be used on his anus, maybe he will rethink his commitment to a false god.  But guess what Hasan old boy!  Too late for your sorry butt.